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ENPRANI SUPER AQUA EX is the 4th generation moisture line that keeps skin moisturized by taking care of excessive sebum secretion caused by skin tempurature increase and dry skin caused by stress on skin.

Step 1 Moisture Charge: Blue algae rich in minerals and nutrients provide moisture to the skin.

Step 2 Pore Care: Patented substance butyl avocadate derived from avocado takes care of pores by controlling shine and sebum.

Step 3 Moisture Locking: ENPRANI's pantented Aqua Lock EX system prevents dryness with its strong moisture locking function that locks moisture deep inside the skin.

Step 4 Moisture Circulation: The system increases skin's moisture retention and circulation ability by activating aqua porin. a moisture delivery passage existing in the skin barrier.

SUPER AQUA EX SKIN: The water texture in abundant refreshing feel provides an optimal skin base to absorb moisture well.

SUPER AQUA EX EMULSION: A balanced supply of moisture and nourishment increases skin's moisture retention ability without any sticky feel through fast absorption into the skin.

SUPER AQUA EX Capsule Essence [Wrinkle Improvement]: Moisture capsule blue algae keeps the skin moisturized by strengthening skin's moisture retention ability as it softly melts into the skin.

SUPER AQUA EX CREAM [Wrinkle Improvement]: The moisture-abundant texture soothes tired skin due to heat as it melts into the skin and makes the skin full of vitality by forming a strong moisture protective film over the skin.

  1. SUPER AQUA EX SKIN: After washing face, apply appropriate amount on the face in a tapping motion to promote absorption into skin. 

  2. SUPER AQUA EX EMULSION: After using skin, apply appropriate amount on the face in the direction of skin texture and gently pat the face to promote absroption into the skin. 

  3. SUPER AQUA EX CAPSULE ESSENCE: Use after applying emulsion, Pump 1-2 times and gently apply on the face in a light tapping motion. 

  4. SUPER AQUA EX CREAM: At the last step of skincare, apply appropriate amount on the face.